Writing Critique Service

So - you've completed your novel or short story collection and are now wondering what to do...

Firstly, feel very proud of yourself for completing the work. Treat yourself, celebrate - and then make a start on the hard work of finding an agent or publisher.

Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can help to make sure that your work is the best it can possibly be.

I offer a critique service for short stories and novels and give proper feedback as to how you can improve your work - not just a 'tick sheet.'

The cost is 50.00 for three stories of up to 2,500 words each.

The same fee applies for a critique of the synopsis and first three chapters of your novel. Many writers get in a muddle with writing their synopsis - and some say it's harder work than writing the actual book!

It is important to get this right because the synopsis is probably the first thing (other than your covering letter) that an agent or publisher will read - and it is the 'selling document' for your novel.

For an additional 10.00 you can resubmit your synopsis for a second critique and I will supply you with my 'How to Write a Synopsis' information sheet.

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