About Me

Sue Johnson lives in Worcestershire, UK.

When she’s not writing her other interests include reading, walking, yoga, historical and family history research, studying Italian and cooking.

Sue’s top ten tips are:

  • Carry a notebook and camera wherever you go – and use them

  • Write every day, even if it’s only for five minutes

  • Use the senses – give the reader the full experience

  • Be prepared to re-write… and re-write… and re-write

  • Read work aloud – you’ll spot the dodgy bits

  • Finish what you start – however bad you think it is

  • Don’t look to your family or friends for proper criticism

  • Don’t take rejection personally – keep trying

  • Trust your own judgement – if you like it, stick with it

  • 1% effort each day = 100% of something in just over 3 months

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