A new month is like a blank page. A fresh start.

Aim to spend a few moments each day outside. Focus on a flower or a tree. What do you notice? Think about sounds. Have you noticed the birds singing? The sound of frogs croaking?

Close your eyes for a few moments (if it is safe to do so). What do you hear? Make a list. Create a poem from the list – or use one of the sounds in a story.



Going from A – Z, create a list of 26 objects – e.g. apron, book, chalice, duster, eggcup, feather, garnet, hairnet, inkwell, jamjar, kite, letter, mirror, necklace, opal, purse, quoit, ring, shawl, teapot, umbrella, vase, wallet, xylophone, yoyo, zip.

Pick three of them and create a story, incorporating the three items. (It is a good idea to begin with a free-write – i.e. write as quickly as you can to trip up that nasty negative voice in the brain – and just see what ideas emerge. Don’t censor anything to begin with.

Repeat the exercise using different words.

Have fun!




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