Halloween, or Samhain, doesn’t have to be about dressing up as a ghost and knocking on people’s doors demanding ‘trick or treat.’

It is said to be a time when the gap between here and the spirit world is thinner. It is therefore a good time to reflect and give thanks for everything positive that you have in your life.

I use it as a time to reset my writing compass and decide on the direction I want to take with my writing. It is a good time for discarding things you no longer need – feelings, paperwork, clothing, books that you aren’t likely to read again. (I do struggle with getting rid of books!)

Try this writing exercise. Sit somewhere peaceful. If possible, light a scented candle. Switch off your phone or any distractions. Take a few deep breaths. Visualise where you would like to be with your writing by this time next year. Who will this benefit? Use all your senses to visualise this. Think about colours, sounds, smells, textures and taste. For instance, what colours might you have on a book cover, is there a music track that inspires you to keep going, what texture is the clothing you wear for your book launch, what perfume or aftershave do you wear and what do you eat and drink.

Take a large sheet of paper and write down what you would like to achieve, who you will help by doing so and the steps you will take towards this goal. (Break it down into as many tiny steps as possible and begin your journey.)

Create a vision board and pin it somewhere visible. Reward yourself for each step you complete.

Let me know if this works for you. Good luck and happy writing.

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