Happy New Year to everyone! I hope 2024 is a happy, healthy and creative one for you.

I have spent the run up to New Year doing a massive de-clutter of unwanted books, clothing and paperwork. Most of this will find its way to local charity shops. I feel so much better for having done this – almost like a physical de-tox.

In the process, I found three unfinished projects that I will return to as soon as there is a gap in my (very loose) outline for the first few months of the year.

I usually have a ‘theme’ for the year. Two years ago, I was living adventurously and actively seeking out unexplored writing territory. This took me back to playwriting – something I loved doing as a child. This in turn led to a play being shortlisted for further development with London Playwrights + a whole new world to dive into.

My theme for this year is ‘follow your happiness.’  I am looking to return to some of the activities I loved when I started my writing life – like creating art and music. The only resolution I’m making is to take no notice of anyone who dismisses any of it as ‘rubbish.’ (Something I allowed to put me off previously). They are entitled to express their opinions – but I don’t have to take any notice of them.

I’m also resolving to write one writing inspiration per day and publish them at the end of the year!

Good luck everyone!


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