This is a time of harvest and re-evaluation. It is a good time to take a look at what you have created so far this year – and to plan for the future.

Do you have any UFOs (unfinished objects)? If so, make a list of them. Pick the easiest one and make a plan to finish it as soon as possible.

What can you do with it? Is there a project that could be developed in a different way – e.g. a poetry collection that could have music added to it and become a performance piece?

Try the following exercise:

  1. Pick a colour.
  2. Pick an element – e.g. earth, wind, fire or water.
  3. Pick a childhood memory.
  4. Pick a person’s name.
  5. Pick a place you remember from childhood (this can be real or imaginary).

Set the timer for ten minutes. Pick up your pen and do a free-write incorporating all these elements.

Have a short break for a cup of tea or coffee. Read through what you’ve written. Underline any words or phrases you particularly like.

Set the timer for another ten minutes. Free-write again, using the new words and phrases.

Put this away for a day or two. Then go back and see if you can craft this raw material into a story or poem.

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