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Apple Orchard Lemon Grove novel

Apple Orchard, Lemon Grove

By Sue Johnson

£7.00 paperback
£1.99 Kindle
Audiobook also available

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When Gemma Lawrence inherits a share of her Great Aunt’s restaurant she is dismayed to find she has to share it with Stefano Andrea, a moody Italian chef. Gemma and Stefano have broken relationships behind them and dislike each other on sight as much as Stefano hates the cold English weather. Under the terms of the will, they have to work together for six months to turn the dilapidated building into a successful restaurant. If either of them leaves or a profit is not made, then they will lose their inheritance. The challenge is on – and neither of them are prepared to give up. As they work together, they begin to unravel the story behind the inheritance and find out what links the English Apple Orchard to the Italian Lemon Grove. Apple Orchard, Lemon Grove is a fast-paced novel with intriguing characters, atmospheric locations and mouth-watering food.