I have spent the time between Christmas and New Year making creative plans for 2022.

This has involved creating a collage, just pulling from magazines and newspapers any images and words that appeal to me.

The word ‘rebellious’ stands out because I’ve decided I’m no longer going to stand on the side-lines and wait for a mythical ‘green light.’ Time on this earth is short. If there’s something I want to create I will crack on and do it, even if nobody buys it.

I usually make proper resolutions at the Spring Equinox – but it doesn’t hurt to re-set the compass at this time of year.

I create a monthly ‘wish list’ (inspired by Julia Cameron’s book ‘The Artist’s Way’) and these help to keep me on track.

Be warned – I’ve just ordered Rebel & Diva perfume!

Happy New Year to everyone. Best wishes for a happy, healthy and creative 2022.


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