This is a great time for creativity!

If you’re a writer, think of other art forms that you could experiment with. For instance, you could try an art workshop and have fun playing with shape and colour.

You could try a movement or dance workshop or listen to some different music.

Create a poem and add some collage to it. Paint an abstract picture and add a few lines of poetry.

I have gone back to doing something I used to do many years ago – which is to create a ‘daily doodle’. I pick a felt tip pen, close my eyes and just let the pen wander wherever it wants to go. Then I open my eyes and see if I can identify any shapes within this. In the last month, it has led to ideas for my daily poem as well as three short stories.


Writing Exercise

Close your eyes for a few minutes and focus on two people, a place and a hot summer day.

Who are they?

Where are they?

When in history?

What do they most want?

Open your eyes and scribble down a list of colours, sounds, scents, textures, tastes and emotions.

Then create a poem or the beginning of a story. Have fun.

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