I was very lucky to visit New England a few years ago and explore the replica of The Mayflower! It was an amazing experience. I’d been fascinated with the story of the Mayflower since my school history lessons and I’m so thankful I was able to go there.

I visited in early October, just as the leaves were looking wonderful and everything was gearing up for Halloween.

I went back to the notes and ideas I scribbled down while I was there – two notebooks crammed with poems, character studies,  and descriptions of places – and I am now re-working some of it into a novel. Nothing that you create is ever wasted. Words can be re-shaped into something different. Take the bits that you don’t use and treat them like patchwork pieces for something new.  Experiment with a genre you’ve not tried before. You have nothing to lose.

Make Thanksgiving the time you re-set your writing compass. Be thankful for the support you have had so far – and remember to say thank you. Keep going. Never give up.





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